The Fatbergs are Coming!

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It’s finally here…November! While many of us look forward to November as a month to enjoy the changing color of the leaves, football, turkey and lots of wonderful hearty foods, here in Public Works it’s another story. We cringe just a little bit, knowing that we are going to have to get ready to battle fatbergs.

We know that you are asking; “What are fatbergs?” And let us give fair warning, they aren’t pleasant things to know about or deal with, but they are a growing problem here in Frisco and wherever sanitary sewer systems exist. As a result, we are going to spend the month of November providing you with information about how to prevent fatbergs, protect our infrastructure and the environment, all while helping to keep your rates as taxpayers low.

Fatbergs are what happens to your grease and food particles when you pour them down your drains.  As fats, oils, and grease (The FOG) cool, they begin to congeal and clump together in pipes.  They will grow until they block the pipe if we let them. Fortunately, here in Frisco, we monitor the flow and pressure of the sewer system and can detect when a fatberg is growing and dispatch crews to the “hotspot” to break up the fatberg. When crews arrive, they use high-pressure water to break up the fatberg and send the smaller particles further downstream.

The largest fatberg on record occurred in London and was larger than a double decker bus! Help us in our battle to fight the fatbergs! Don’t pour FOG down the drain, instead collect your FOG in a sealable container and either throw it away, or bring it to the Environmental Service Center to be recycled into biodiesel.

Thank you, Frisco, for helping us to defend our drains, protect the water supply for our neighbors downstream, and being WaterWise!

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