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Fall is a great time to plant trees, and here in Frisco, we love our trees! They provide beauty for the eye, shade for the body, and a break from the wind. But be careful when selecting your tree as some are better suited for our area than others, and some better fit our spaces.
Before you plant, plan ahead. Measure the space you intend to plant the tree in, and when you look for trees, make sure that the tree will fit in that space when fully grown. If the space has power lines running overhead, you may want to choose a shorter tree to avoid the awkward and unsightly cuts required to make sure the trees don’t interfere with the power lines.

And finally, look for trees that are native or adapted to this region and you’ll be looking forward to a long and happy relationship with your tree.

Interested in more helpful tips and suggestions? Come and join WaterWise for a Brown Bag Workshop on the Trees of North Texas on Friday, September 22, 2017 in the McCallum Room in Frisco City Hall. Bring your lunch and learn from Texas A & M AgriLife Water University Horticulturalist, Patrick Dickinson.

We look forward to seeing you there Frisco!

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