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It may be difficult to believe that Fall has already arrived! Nevertheless we can officially say we are enjoying the Autumnal Season.  With warm temperatures filling our days, it is difficult to stand by and watch as our lawns start to go dormant and blond, but this is normal and healthy for your yard.

Winter dormancy allows nature to recharge: lakes replenish and revive while the soil rests and renews its natural supply of organic materials and nutrients.  When soil and plants are not allowed to go dormant, they can become stressed; and a stressed yard generally requires more fertilizer and pesticide, which can be hazardous for our watershed.

When warm season grasses go into a dormant state, they return healthier and thicker the following spring.  To help your lawn in this process, the planting of cool season grasses, such as rye, are prohibited in the City of Frisco as defined by the Water Management Plan.

Another benefit of reducing watering and allowing your lawn to go dormant is that your sewer rate is determined based on your water usage during the winter months.  High winter water consumption means that your water bill will be higher throughout the rest of the year.

So go blond, Frisco.  Let your lawn go dormant, keep your maintenance fees and water bills low, and stay WaterWise!

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