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Wipes.  They seem to be everywhere today. We use them to clean our houses, clean our children & ourselves, and just about anything else you can think of. As the popularity of these products has skyrocketed, so has their threat to American waste water infrastructure.

The main problem comes from the fact that these products state that they are flushable; and while they can be flushed down the toilet, they do not disintegrate the way toilet paper does.  Because these products need to be tough to stand up to the cleaning challenges they face, many include plastic fibers that don’t break down in the sewer system.  Instead, those fibers will stretch and wrap around other debris that winds up in our sewers causing large blocks known as “ragballs” that must be manually removed from the system costing time & money to taxpayers, and posing possible environmental threats.

Frisco’s infrastructure is new enough that we don’t see this too much, however, it is a problem that our water district, and many neighboring cities, see far too often. In order to prevent this from becoming a problem that Frisco has to devote a lot of time & money fixing, we ask that you join with us and flush only human waste or toilet paper; everything else should go in the trash can.

Thank you Frisco, for joining with us to keep costs low and protect our resources by being WaterWise Warriors!

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