DJORN’S DJOURNAL: A Trip to the NSHOF Archives and Construction Update

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A Trip to the NSHOF Archives

I’ve always enjoyed Indiana Jones movies, well, except for the last one with the aliens.  But apart from that, his quests have always intrigued me.  After a few months on the job now, I figured it was time to head out on my own Indy-like quest to the archives of the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Hillsborough, North Carolina to see what treasures I could find and bring back to Frisco.  Ever since the closing of the NSHOF in Oneonta, NY, all exhibits, artifacts, awards, and trophies have resided in the basement of the headquarters of Official U.S. Soccer Historian Jim Trecker and I embarked on our quest on the morning of August 16.

I had never met Jim in person before, but had spent many hours on the phone with him.  Over the last two years Jim has made several trips to the archives to randomly open boxes, find treasures, and set the good ones aside in anticipation of the opening of the NSHOF.  He’s done amazing work and has found amazing artifacts!

We spent the next two days setting aside several items to travel back with me to Frisco because we want our fans to get a feel for the amazing exhibits that will be available in the NSHOF come 2018.  Over the course of the next few weeks we will be opening the National Soccer Hall of Fame Experience Center on the suite level of Toyota Stadium, which any fans can visit with an appointment (call 469-365-0122 or e-mail  We will have a fly-through of the entire NSHOF available as well as some of the amazing artifacts on display including a soccer ball from the 1920’s, a New York Cosmos Pele jersey, shin guards from the 1930’s that will blow your mind, a game worn USA 1930 World Cup jersey, and so much more!  Pretty incredible stuff!

One of my favorite finds?  The NASL uniform worn by the very stylish Caribous of Colorado in the late 70’s.  Just look at the picture.  Leather Fringe! Amazing!20818994_269651193533518_7922523096007419236_o

We will be sure to let fans know when the Experience Center is open and available for tours.  Give us a few weeks and you can start to get a good feel for how incredible the NSHOF will be.  There are a lot of great options available for FC Dallas memberships in 2018, including seats in the new NSHOF.  So, in the words of the old Knight guarding the Holy Grail, be sure “You have chosen wisely.”

Lone Construction Guy Update

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Lone Construction Guy in August to get an update on the construction progress and what we can look forward to over the next month.  He assured me that the building is going to start going vertical very quickly.

Here is a quick synopsis:

  • The east and west tunnel walls are near completion
  • The tunnel lids will then follow.  These lids will eventually be part of the locker room and club floors.
  • All below grade drainage, electrical, and plumbing is underway
  • Support beams are being poured that will be the anchors for the new Lamar Hunt Open Cup Club outside party deck
  • All 16 rows of seat risers have been poured

Things are now moving quickly and soon an incredible two story building is going to start rising out of the ground.  Get excited!


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